What is Circling?

What is circling?

Circling is a form of “interpersonal meditation”, in which we share our honest experience moment to moment. That means we don’t tell stories of the past, unless they’re very alive in your body that it becomes your current reality. We also don’t give each other advice, because if we really stay present with what is, nothing needs to be fixed. Often, interestingly, change happens by itself when we stop seeking for it.

Circling is different from therapy (past-focused) or coaching (future-oriented). It’s grounded in the present. It’s an invitation to dive into the richness of reality in a mindful and connecting way.

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Why bother meditating with people?

When meditating alone, we may have had amazing transcendental experiences, yet still finding it hard to deal with people in our day-to-day life. Social interaction may still feel scary, and we can still have judgments towards others, only that now we learn to suppress them so that we’re more “enlightened”. We may also blame ourselves for not being able to “stay neutral” when we’re triggered, without realizing that we are, after all, human beings.

By sharing our unfiltered existence in Circling, many of us will finally get the experience that all our thoughts and feelings are welcome, even the “ugly” ones. Sure, one can get uncomfortable or even triggered by others, but in Circling we don’t have to choose between “honoring self” and “honoring others”. We can have them both.

In this way, we grow, both in awareness and in trust. Plus, we’ll not just have serious heavy talks the time; where there’s authenticity and aliveness, there has to be fun!

What should I prepare?

Nothing but curiosity, really.

This is a trauma-informed event, so we’ll not push anyone to jump out of their comfort zone.

Where can I experience it?

I'm building an online platform called Circling China, which for now only offers Chinese sessions.

I also facilitate in-person English-speaking Circling events in Amsterdam.

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