Play to Heal

Play As Therapy for Achievers

I'm Dr. Jingshu Zhu, a psycho-somatic healer and a dedicated advocate for play as therapy.

The healing I provide is gonna be vulnerable and playful.

I prefer working on themes that I had been struggling with and gaining embodied insights so that your fragile parts will not feel alone:

  • Sexual trauma (I made a video about my healing journey)
  • Eating disorder
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Body image problems
  • Low self-esteem
  • Imposter syndrome; strong inner critic
  • People-pleasing, hard to say "no"
  • Procrastination
  • Burnout and career crisis
  • Open relationships
  • LGBTQ, BDSM, and other sexual minority issues
  • Spiritual awakening and grounding in the material world (yes, making money too)

As a sexually abused and bullied child, I lived in fear (unconsciously) for 25 years, wrapping myself in a shell of "high performing, no feeling":

  • I longed for intimacy but was also terrified of it, so I could never stay in a long-term or committed relationship.
  • I got a Ph.D. in Law and Anthropology, yet I still believed I was "not good enough".
  • I was very afraid of conflicts, so I learned to people please while neglecting my own needs and boundaries.
  • I suffered for years from eating disorders and IBS.
  • My nerve system was constantly on high alert, so I didn't know what "rest" or "play" really meant.

It took me years of resistance until I started to de-condition myself from all the external values and expectations. I started to listen deeply to my symptoms, to my heart and soul, which were all calling me to embark on a transformational journey to retrieve my lost qualities, and to integrate my inner brat, jester, animal, and scared slut.

Through years of meditation, dancing, writing, therapies, intentional use of psychedelics, parts work, dream work and Circling, my body slowly came out of the shell, and the result?

I have a damn-good life now!

  • I feel much safer in a committed relationship and have become a mother.
  • I no longer freeze when conflicts happen - I absolutely love them and can skillfully alchemize them.
  • The eating disorder and IBS are gone, and I enjoy foods of all sorts without guilt or belly pain.
  • I devote my energy to my passion, and I know how to rest and have fun.
  • While the inner critic and the anxious voices still come out sometimes, I can more easily love and play with them.

If you're also going through a similar but also unique "human-shedding" period, I'm here to support you, to make the already hard healing journey a bit lighter, by adding more playfulness to it. From there, you will slowly cultivate an intimate connection with yourself - your feelings, bodily sensations, needs, shadows, and resources. You'll find yourself harvesting a deeper connection with your loved ones. Effortlessly, you'll connect to the purpose in your work-life as well.

And this is the transformational journey I want to co-create with you.

Flowers blooming around here
Photo by TOMOKO UJI on Unsplash


1. Humor and playfulness is my secret weapon.

I don't believe that healing has to be hard work. No need to meditate if that's not your thing; also no hard-core fasting, chanting, or positive affirmations - of course, they're all nice to do if you like them. But really, healing can be so much more fun than you thought.

Laughing, dancing, crawling, running around, play-fighting, yawning, making weird faces together, kinky fantasies, and my oh my, orgasms! They are all juicy medicines, waiting to be tasted by you.

Working with me, you'll get in touch with your most creative and playful part, who will make your life 6.9 times easier (I just made that number up :P).

2. I'm not interested in providing "pain killers" or "placebo" to you.

I don't have a quick fix to your struggles that might be the result of years of trauma or stress. Yes, I believe healing doesn't always have to be heavy, but no, you don't get to skip the pain part. Instead, I'll support you to feel your pain (within limits of course), and see what will happen if we play with it.

And trust me, it'll feel so much better than having a spiritual Paracetamol.

3. I will tailor my tools for your needs.

In working with clients, I may apply mindfulness, Circling (interpersonal meditation), IFS (internal family system), Polyvagal Theory, inner child work, intuitive bodywork inspired by Orthobionomy, dream work, etc. I also work with psychedelics, but only with longer-term clients who are also committed to working with me in the "ordinary" consciousness, which is everything but ordinary in my experience.

More importantly, I will support you internalize the tools we use, not just to be understood by your brain, but also to embody them so that you'll find your day-to-day life easier.

4. I would like to empower you from within.

Have you been going to one retreat after another, following one guru after another, yet still feel frustrated that you can't seem to cope with your day-to-day life? I would like to help you ground, and find love, wisdom, and power that's always already inside of you.

And I'm not even talking about your Higher Self like other spiritual teachers would call it. What if the human you, the awkward, the messy, the difficult you, is capable enough to heal? What if you're your own guru, only a less monotonous one?


With time, I found that the clients who got the most beneficial results share the following qualities, and I hope that's you, too:

1. You're ready to be responsible for your life.

I'll be a companion on your journey, yet you'll be the one who takes every step. No one is your savior (except a swindler I guess). Own your feelings, your needs, your mistakes, and your superpower. This can be very scary, but very rewarding too.

2. You're willing to lean towards the edge of your comfort zone.

I'll nudge you to explore the areas with which you're not so familiar. For instance, if you're highly analytical, you may experience long periods of uncomfortable silence in our sessions; if you're used to absorbing others' feelings, we'll practice lots of boundary-drawing; if you tend to escape in your relationships, we'll explore the unknown territory of "staying". (However, I know how ineffective it is to fight directly against your habits. We'll have creative ways to work with them.)

3. You're willing to take action.

After every session, I may tailor an exercise for you. It may be in the form of writing, dancing, drawing, chores or simply doing nothing. Of course, the resistance to taking action per se will also be explored in our sessions.

For some of you, though (such as the high achiever), doing nothing will be the "action"!


Human Shedding Support Package

  • Year-long support in transforming multiple areas of your life: health, relationship, work, spirituality, etc.
  • 10 Weekly sessions and 10 monthly sessions, 60-75 minutes per session, in-person or online
  • Cultivating a luxurious amount of self-love and playfulness, and change will follow
  • Soothing the nerve system, no more hard work on yourself

Investment: 4000 Euro (including VAT for individuals, excluding VAT for business)

Ready to Play Package

  • For concrete issues, such as "hard to say no" or "fear of abandonment/ commitment".
  • Gently playing to resolve the patterns and gain more freedom
  • 8 sessions, 50-60 minutes per session, in-person or online
  • To be finished in 3 months, unless agreed otherwise

Investment: 1680 Euro (including VAT for individuals, excluding VAT for business)

Single Sessions

Many of us must be familiar with the one-step-forward-two-steps-back kind of frustration when we went too fast. Therefore, I only do 90-minute in-depth single sessions if you are an old client.

Investment: 240 euro (including VAT for individuals, excluding VAT for business)

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